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About Cole Amyx and his Slobber Dog toys

Cole is a thirteen year old young man who has had a passion for animals his whole life. When he was eight years old he had the idea of creating a toy his own dogs would enjoy. When Cole saw some dogs on TV eating leaves and twigs to stave off hunger, this really stuck with him. He wanted to give back to animals that didn't have a home or something to eat. Cole feels strongly that all animals deserve a warm home and a loving family.

Cole believes you must have courage - courage to stand up for something you believe in like the way animals are treated. "It makes me sad that so many animals don’t have homes. You know, a home where they are treated like a member of your family", says Cole. Cole has two dogs, Jack (a retriever/pointer mix) and Dixie (a miniature schnauzer mix) and two cats, Homer and Olive. Cole figured out that fleece helps clean dog's teeth and combined with a tennis ball, his dogs would have a great toy to play with!

Courage is having an idea and not caring if someone laughs at you because it’s goofy.
When the first Slobber Dog toy was made, Jack and Dixie went crazy playing tug-of-war and chewing on it. Then a friend saw the toy and suggested that Cole make more and take them to the dog parks. "My parents always taught me that God put us here to help take care of the animals. I thought if people bought the toys, I could give part of the money to help animals that didn’t have a home. I knew I had to be brave and not be afraid when I would walk up to people at the dog parks and ask them to buy my dog toys. It wasn’t easy, walking around with my wagon explaining that I was selling dog toys and that $1 from every sale would go to help homeless animals. But I knew if I was going to help animals, I had to be brave and not care what people thought about me", says Cole.

Cole's dog Jack was the one who named the toys, Slobber Dog Toys, because when Jack gets excited, he drools and slobbers! People liked the toys so much, they started asking for their school colors and requesting special orders. A few years ago, I even sold two of them to Marvin Zindler at the dog park. He was a nice man.

"Yes, it takes courage to talk to people and tell them about Slobber Dog Toys and why I sell them, but I believe animals have courage too. Courage to trust us humans that we are going to take care of them." Cole Amyx Purchase Here!